Light guide Technical Introduction

On meeting requirements how it illuminates, optical design for light guide has a variety of restriction (Space or standards by customers and so on)
We would like to introduce part of our development achievements.

Development case 1

Lens for power window switches

Illuminate 7 switches with only one LED as a light source
Oshino Lamps clears the high demand mission。

The space is extremely limited around the power window switches in an automotive. This application requires that the sections that need to be illuminated are separated over other parts and the each lighting area of the lens is small.
Also, parts of the switches are push buttons that stay at high or low position, and maintaining the same amount of lighting was required. We solved this challenge by designing an additional lens that can move high and low with the push button, and using the light indirectly by reflecting the light source from the base lens.
Because of this clever solution, we made it possible to reduce the number of parts used, and the number of assembly processes. Furthermore, because only one LED is used to illuminate the multiple areas, this eliminates the variations of colors.

Development case 2

USB/AUX lens

AUX products
AUX diffuser lens
AUX light guide
USB products
USB diffuser lens
USB light guide


Oshino Lamps Ltd. uses “Optis Works” which is an optical simulation software.This enables us to perform ray-trace, luminance distribution and analysis. After the simulation, the most appropriate form of light guide is created.

Image for the simulation : Ray-trace

Analyzed image for luminance distribution after simulation

Measured image for luminance distribution of products

Oshino Lamps Ltd. develops various types of optical products by
utilizing optical and color-tuning techniques
we build for the development of automotive SMLs.
Optical products for automotives we developed are as follows