Kagoshima factory

Oshino Lamps Kagoshima factory manufactures main components such as a filament, a glass bulb which are important for lamp performance.
The factory maintains integrated production system which covers lamp production, product assembling, inspection and delivery control.

Concept of Kagoshima factory

The main factory of SML(Sub-Miniature Lamps) business

Kagoshima factory takes on the manufacturing of SML used for aircrafts, automotives and NDIR sensors.
Kagoshima has a warm climate through a year and there is an advantage of that cancelation of flight is small.

Integrated production systems

Kagoshima factory has been producing and designing for SML which meet the needs of various customers. Because of in-house production of the main parts, filaments and glass bulbs, we can perform product design and make trial product quickly.
Therefore it is our factory’s strength that we can work on requests from customers speedily through integrated production systems.

Manufacture for main parts

● Design and manufacture for filament and glass bulb
Although there are a lot of types of SML used for various industrial fields, most types of filaments of glass bulbs are designed and manufactured at Kagoshima factory.

● Filaments
The filament is the core part determining SML's electrical specifications.
Oshino has a high skill making various filaments from more than 100 kinds of tungsten. This skill contributes to a high-quality SML.
Oshio can make the filament from tungsten with φ0.002mm in minimum.

● Glass bulb
Glass bulb has an influence on SML’s optical characteristics. Oshino Lamps Ltd manufactures glass bulbs with a variety of thickness and shape according to the kind of SML.
The smallest glass bulb we can produce is φ1.5mm.produce is φ1.5mm.

Filament observed by electron microscope
Various shapes of glass bulbs

Manufacturing process of SML(Sub-Miniature Lamps)

● Welded stem
Dumet wire is welded to glass bead.

● Connecting filament
Filament is mounted and formed into the correct shape.

● Inserting glass bulb and Vacuum
Stem(2.) is inserted into glass bulb and vacuum is created by exhaust machine.

● Sealing
Finally, stem and glass bulb are welded with burner. Wire-Teminal is completed.

Inspection & Analysis

● Inspection for electrical characteristic
Inspecting electrical characteristic (Current and Luminous flux) by lighting inspection machine which is developed in-house.

● Appearance inspection
With a reliable inspection skill which has been developed through Oshino’s SML manufacturing history, the inspector does inspection.

● Analysis system
Kagoshima factory has an analyzing system for SML.

●Experiment equipment
Kagoshima factory has equipments to evaluate the performance required for SML.

Kagoshima factory

Nan-ei 6-1-9, Kagoshima-Shi, Kagoshima 891-0122 TEL : +81(0)99-260-2266 FAX : +81(0)99-260-2267

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