Types and lineup of high pressure gas filled lamp

Oshino is one of few Japanese lamp manufacturers which manufactures a high pressure gas filled lamp in a domestic captive factory under strict quality control.
We can propose a customized product to meet each customer's demand.

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1.Characteristics of Oshino high pressure gas filled lamps

  • 1) Rare gas lamps with high efficiency and long life by filling high pure and high pressure rare gas
  • 2)Sealing and exhausting machines programmed by computer can implement high vacuum manufacturing conditions and provide high performance lamps.
  • 3)Without exhausting tubes, bulbs do not have any extruded parts and have compact shapes, so they are available for wide variety of applications.
  • 4)Since the lamps are not halogen lamps, the lower wattage lamps are available.
  • 5)Various size lamps from dia. 3 mm to 7 mm bulbs are available.
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2.Main products and electric characteristics

Oshino is pleased to develop any products to meet customer needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire your desired specifications.

* The diagram is one example. Products with various dimensions are available.