Since its foundation in 1931, we have been specialized in lighting technology, designing and manufacturing lighting components. Although we are a small-sized company, our business has expanded globally, developing lamps for aviation and automotive companies as primary customers.
We provide own integrated production system from design developments to mold manufacturing process and making products.
We answer our customers' needs with a fast response and in a flexible manner.



Oshino has been creating “Light” such as lamps for automotives and aerospace,
lamp for NDIR sensor, Xenon lamp and Light Guide to satisfy customer's request.

Optical Engineering Products
for automotives (Light Guide)
With our highly advanced color tuning engineering background of sub-miniature lamps, we provide various Light Guide products for automotive interiors.
Lamps for NDIR sensors
As Lamps for NDIR sensors, we provide sub-miniature lamps with long life which meet a wide range of requests from customers.
High Pressure Gas-filled Lamps
Our lamps are for various wide range applications like aircrafts, medical instruments, measuring equipments and so on.
Lamps for Aerospace
We have been offering a wide variety of lighting products for exterior and interior/head to tail of airplane to major domestic and international manufacturers.
Lamps for Automotive
Oshino Lamps for automotives which bring to safe and comfortable are provided in both domestic and international major automotive manufacturers.
Lamps for commercial use, and LED
Oshino Lamps has been approved by wide variety of industries. We will gladly satisfy your requirements.

Quality is Oshino’s top priority

Oshino Lamps Limited., also known as the "OL: Oshino Lamps" brand, has been providing various lamp products including sub-miniature lamps to industries in and out of Japan for many years, which have earned the trust of customers.
Our commitment to producing the highest quality products and being able to provide customers' demanding needs through our facility and skills is our strengths.

MORE ISO Certificate