Company Profile & OL Brand History

Company Overview

Company name
Oshino Lamps Limited.
Takeshi Oshino
Operating Locations
【Head Office】 4F Oi-Choyo Bldg. 5-12-10, Higashioi,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011
【Yamanashi Plant】 601-2 Shirai-cho Koufu City, Yamanashi
【Kagoshima Plant】 Nan-ei 6-1-9, Kagoshima-Shi, Kagoshima 891-0122
March, 1931
50milion JPY
Scope of Business
① Lamps division
(Sub-miniature lamps, lamps for automotive, lamps, LED products for aviation, lamps for NDIR Co2 sensor, silicon caps, sockets for lamps, and LED products)

② Optical Engineering division
(Light guide, lens, tooling for plastic molding, electrical circuit, electrical circuit board design)

Number of Employee
100(At the date of 28th, December, 2020)
Quarity system
Reception of ISO9001
Cage code
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OL Brand History

Oshino Lamps history is a history of development and challenges.
Since its foundation in 1931, Oshino Lamps Limited has been successful for over 80 years
developing pilot lamps for gas stoves and lamps for Christmas decoration in early years,
then currently developing lamps for automotive and aviations.

Founding company president Masaji Oshino establishes Oshino Lamps in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
Filament winding equipment installed.
Development of an ignition device for gas stoves.
Oshino develops automatic shunting equipment for lamps for Christmas decorations, for which it submits a patent application.
Reorganized as a public corporation called Oshino Lamps Limited, headed by Masaji Oshino, the first president of the company.

Head Office moved to new buildings in Minami-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku.
Beat seal style T-1 lamps developed.
Low-current, double-wound coils for T-1 lamps developed.
Automated small-lamp production lines installed.
Short T-1 size lamps developed for the aerospace industry.
February 1970
Wolcox Corporation (now a head office for sales) established as an overseas trading division of Oshino Lamps Limited.
Masaji Oshino receives the Purple Ribbon Medal.
Masaji Oshino pasts away due to ill health.
Kou Oshino is appointed as president of Oshino Lamps Limited.
Oshino Lamps Limited increases its capital to 50 million yen.
December 1977
Oshino Lamps GmbH established in Nurnberg, Germany.
August 1978
Special vibration-proof lamps developed for the aerospace industry.
August 1979
Hong Kong Miniature Lamp Co., Ltd (now Oshino Lamps Hong Kong) established in Hong Kong
November 1979
Oshino Lamps (U.K.) established in Nottingham, U.K.
October 1981
50th anniversary of the founding of Oshino Lamps.
February 1989
Oshino Lamps France established in Paris, France (now located in Tarbes).
November 1989
Technology Center established in Owa, Akita Prefecture.
March 1990
Oshino Lamps Italia s.r.l established in Milan, Italy (now located in Florence).
Kagoshima Plant established in Kagoshima City
Oshino Lamps Limited head office, Technology Center, and Kagoshima Plant acquire ISO9001 and QS9000 certification.
All Oshino Group companies in Europe acquire ISO9002 certification.
Hong Kong Miniature Lamps Co., Limited renamed Oshino Lamp (HK) Limited.
March 2003
Kagoshima 2nd Plant established.
April 2003
Hiroshi Oshino appointed Chief Executive Officer.
May 2005
Oshino Lamps Limited acquires TS16949 certification.
June 2005
Takeshi Oshino appointed Chief Executive Officer.
Hiroshi Oshino appointed Chairman of the Board
July 2009
Oshino Electronics Estonia Osauhing established in Estonia.
March 2012
Oshino Lamps America, Ltd. established in New York, USA (now located in Wixom, MI).
July 2012
Yamanashi factory established in Fuefuki City.
December 2014
Oshino Lamps (SHANGHAI) Ltd. established in Shanghai, China.
March 2016
Yamanashi factory and Kawagoe factory acquire ISO9001 certification.
September 2018
Yamanashi factory moved to Kofu City.
December 2021
Head Office moved to Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku.