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■Quality is Oshino’s top priority


Oshino Lamps Limited is the home of “OL = Oshino Lamps” brand, and we have supplied our lighting products to the various industries all over the world, and earned trust from customers. We set our top priority to the quality, and are proud of our facilities and engineering strength that support our high quality products to meet customer needs.


<Sub-Miniature Lamps Division>


We manufacture the most of parts of our sub-miniature lamps in our own factory.


In order to be responsible for the product quality, we have been manufacturing our products only in our own factories, from manufacturing materials to final testing.
We have been manufacturing filaments and glass bulbs in our own Japanese factory, and assembly and final testing in our own factories in Japan and Hong Kong.

  • Kagoshima Factory (Lamps major factory) Kagoshima Factory (Lamps major factory)
  • Hong Kong Factory (Lamps for aviation industry) Hong Kong Factory (Lamps for aviation industry)

Cooperation with suppliers


Keeping the qualities of materials of the products is extremely important. Oshino Lamps built and maintains trusted relationship with the domestic and international suppliers for long period of time.

  • Glass tubes Glass tubes
  • Dumet wires Dumet wires
  • Plastic base, Metal base Plastic base, Metal base

Detailed and Extensive testing


Our lamps are shipped only after passing our final testing of each item for voltage, brightness, scratches, and cleanliness.
We have many lamp testing equipment in our own factory in Japan. We perform filament analysis with an Scanning electron microscope(SEM)

  • Lighting on/off testing equipment Lighting on/off testing equipment
  • Environmental testing equipment Environmental testing equipment
  • Vibration testing equipment Vibration testing equipment
  • Optical microscope system Optical microscope system



In 1997, we have received an International quality standard, ISO9001, through QS9000.

  • ISO9001 Certificate
    ISO9001 Certificate

< Optical Engineering Division >

We provide total solutions from designing to manufacturing within our own factories in Japan.


Oshino Lamps has own factories to perform design/tooling /plastic molding/mass production. We can quickly respond our customer needs while maintaining our high quality standard. Especially we have technical expertise based on our years of experience and are specializing in complicated shapes like 3D.
Our plastic molding equipment can support 85t to 400t classes that can cover variety of productions. We can provide complicated and challenging transparent plastic molding (PMMA and PC) to our customers.
Our factories maintain class 10,000 clean environment.

  • Product Design Product Design
  • Luminance Simulation Luminance Simulation
  • I luminance Simulation I luminance Simulation

We meet quality standard in the automotive industry.


Oshino Lamps Limited supplies our transparent plastic lens/light guide to the domestic and international automotive industries whose quality standards/requirements are extremely high, and our lens are used in many automotives.
We keep listening to our customers’ high demand requests, and we never stop improving our product quality.