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RGB Calibration for LED chip

LED chip has different chromaticity among individuals and its chromaticity varies by temperature change.
Oshino Lamps Ltd. provides optical products for automotives which has consistent color balance by calibrating delicate color difference of RGB colors.

Calibration feature for chromaticity

This feature provides consistent color balance without chromaticity difference for interior lightings by calibrating chromaticity difference for LED chips among individuals with LED drive circuit on the circuit board.

Calibration feature for temperature

Temperature sensor on circuit board can adjust electrical current and this prevents multi-color LED from variations of luminosity and chromaticity even when temperature changes.

Control chromaticity and luminance with LIN communication

Chromaticity and luminance of multi-color LED can be controlled with LIN signals which car control system sends.

With chromaticity difference adjustment


Without chromaticity difference adjustment


Oshino Lamps Ltd. develops various types of optical products by utilizing optical and color-tuning techniques we build for the development of automotive SMLs.