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What is a high pressure gas filled lamp ?

Usually, a miniature incandescent lamp is vacuumed inside a bulb envelope. The vacuum lamp has the advantage of less heat loss, but on the other hand, a filament is easy to reduce and it causes short life. In order to prevent the filament from reducing, rare gas (argon, krypton and xenon gas) is filled at high pressure inside the bulb envelope.

Effect of high pressure gas filling


● Vacuum lamp

Tungsten atoms (W) vaporized from a filament are deposited on an inside wall of the bulb and cause bulb blackening, so the light intensity of the vacuum lamp will decrease. As the tungsten atoms vaporize, the filament gets thinner and finally it burns out.


● High pressure gas filled lamp

Tungsten atoms (W) vaporized from a filament collide the rare gas atoms like xenon (Xe) to control the vaporization.

As a result, bulb blackening decreases and it causes lower light output decrease. And due to less vaporization of tungsten atoms, the lamp life is able to be longer.

Shape of high pressure gas filled lamp

Conventionally, lamps have small exhausting tubes to vacuum and fill rare gas in inside bulb envelopes. Oshino high pressure gas filled lamps have been able to eliminate these exhausting tubes and succeeded in making compact structures and homogeneous light emitting pattern.

Conventional incandescent lamp


Oshino high pressure gas filled lamp


Oshino is providing subminiature high luminance xenon and krypton lamps for light sources of aircraft lighting, medical and measuring instruments.
Oshino is pleased to comply with the customize to meet your specifications, so please do not hesitate to contact us.