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Introduction of factory for optical products

Oshino Lamps Ltd.

Yamanashi factory

Oshino Lamps Ltd. Yamanashi factory

Introduction of factory for optical products – Yamanashi factory

Concept of Yamanashi factory

山梨工場: 光学製品工場

Oshino Lamps Ltd. Yamanashi factory is established in 2012.
10 units of molding machines are currently operating and manufacturing transparent resin products.

● Specialized in transparent resin products

Oshino Lamps Ltd. has knowledge and techniques to achieve complex and high grade manufacturing of transparent resin products from PMMA and PC which strict control is required.

Major products to be used : optical products for automotives (light guide, lens, diffuser panel and LED light source) and general industry

● Clean environment

All molding machines are located inside clean room (which is not common practice) so it provides clean working environment. Cleanliness is maintained equivalent to Class 10,000 and successfully achieved clean environment in which foreign objects are hardly to be found.

● High quality

As “OL : Oshino Lamps” brand, Oshino Lamps Ltd. has established confidence from many customers by continuously providing lighting products to aerospace and automotive industries domestically and globally for the long time.Oshino Lamps Ltd. has advantages such as strict quality control and sufficient equipment and techniques which enables us to provide high grade requirement from our customers.

透明樹脂製品 PC

Transparent resin products PC

透明樹脂製品 PMMA

Transparent resin products PMMA

Flow chart for optical products manufacturing


1. Drying

Transparent resin pellet (grain) materials are put into a dryer and proceed to drying process.


2. Molding

Transparent resin materials are put into molding machine and dissolve with 200 or 300 degree Celsius.


3. Inspection

After molding, products are moved to trays and will be inspected.
In the inspection process, products are inspected to confirm no scratch or foreign object is found.

Packing and shipping

4. Packing and shipping

After the inspection, products are packed for shipment and arranged for shipment.
Resin product which is required for temperature control, it is stored in a warehouse in which temperature is controlled.

Design and tooling

● Consistent production process by domestic owned factories

Oshino Lamps Ltd. has owned factories for designing and development of optical products and tooling manufacturing. High level of CAE optical analysis techniques and know-how which is specialized for optical products are the features we have.
As all designing, tooling manufacturing, molding and assembling processes are conducted within Oshino Lamps Ltd., we have strong ability to back up and support customers for launching new product development speedily.

Oshino Lamps Ltd. has owned factories, sales distributions and development facility in global scale so this enables us to meet customer needs finely.
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